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Here are my cheerful party-worthy drinks to celebrate G.O.S first year of featuring and celebrating deliciousness!


Blushing Martini

I believe, this martini is more for the ladies… all rouged and blushing!

1 shot strawberry vodka (chilled)

1 shot maraschino cherries juice (chilled)

juice of a quarter wedge of lemon

maraschino cherry (for garnish)

ice cubes (optional)

- combine everything except for the whole maraschino cherry

Peach Nectar Shandy 

I love shandies! Although this reminds me a bit of a Peach Bellini (where peach puree and proseco or champagne is used), this is somewhat always friendlier for any day and any time treat.

1 part light beer (pale pilsen) -very cold

1 part peach nectar - well chilled

peach slices

- pour the peach nectar first into a glass, then pour the light beer next. Stir briefly and add the slices of peaches.

Apple-Cherry Shandy

I call this just a very pretty drink because it’s all rosy and gorgeous… perfect for evening parties.

1 part light beer (pale pilsen) - very cold

1 part natural apple juice - very cold

1 tablespoon (per glass) of cherry syrup

ice cubes (optional)

- combine everything and stir… drink… and be merry!

(Source: goddessofscrumptiousness)